Day 13 & 14 – Planning

I decided to combine Day 13 & 14 together.  Day 13 talks about what to do when you’re having cravings and I haven’t had to deal with that yet.  I put a sticky note in the book on that day and the next time I have a craving I’m going to work through the exercise for day 13.

Day 14 I am already doing.  One thing I’m great at is preplanning.  Always have been.  I love sitting down the night before and figuring out what I plan to eat for the next day.  I wiggle my diet around to see if I have room for any special snacks and it’s like a puzzle to me.  My husband and I have a food tastiness quotation.  It’s one of those stupid couple things we do where we rate foods based on the calorie vers the the tastiness of the food.  So I try to pack my day with foods with a high tastiness factor.

Today for lunch I had chicken taquitos.  The recipe I use is amazing.  It’s not super low calorie so we have to work it into our day.  It’s also a freezer meal.  We tripled the recipe and made 72 of them at the beginning of the month so we have taquitos to feast on all month.  if anyone is looking for a really good recipe you can find it here.  We make them with 6 inch flour tortillas.  So yummy.


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